Rosaire IV, Carol Gwyn (2016-05). Anisotropic Neutron Imaging. Doctoral Dissertation. | Thesis individual record

Anisotropic neutron imaging presents a unique method to process images in order to produce a human-readable, singular, isotropic image from a set of anisotropic neutron images. These images were created using a Sӧller-slit collimator in a rotating device to change the azimuthal orientation of the slits with respect to the imaging plane. A multi-level, 2D-discreet wavelet transform (2D-DWT) was used to extract the information contained within each image and fuse the data into an isotropic resolution image. The footprint of the experimental system is small when compared to other neutron radiography facilities of comparable L/D and has the advantage of a relatively low acquisition time while maintaining high resolution image capture. The 2D-DWT algorithm developed within this dissertation is able to enhance the sharpness of the edges within the final image and remove the artifacts created by the slit-type collimator, which increased human readability in the test circumstance

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