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  • Sumpter, R. S. (2015). Girl Reporter: Elizabeth L. Banks and the Stunt Genre. American Journalism. 32(1), 60-77.
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  • Sumpter, R. S., & Rothenbuhler, E. W. (2011). Operation Matthew: The Cold War Comes to the Top 40. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media. (1), 18.
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  • Sumpter, R. S. (2010). Learning the Outsider Profession: Serial Advice Columns in The Journalist. American Journalism. 27(3), 7-26.
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  • Sumpter, R. S (2009). Core Knowledge: Early Reporting Textbooks and the Formation of Professional Identity. Journalism History. 35(1), 42-51.
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  • Sumpter, R. S (2018). Before Journalism Schools How Gilded Age Reporters Learned the Rules. University of Missouri Press.
  • Sumpter, R. (2007). Regional Bias. Sloan, W. D., & Mackay, J. B. (Eds.), Media Bias: Finding It, Fixing It. 150-160. McFarland & Company.
  • Whitney, D., Sumpter, R., & McQuail, D (2004). News Media Production: Individuals, Organizations, and Institutions. The SAGE Handbook of Media Studies. 393-410. Sage Publications, Inc..
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  • Sumpter, R. (2001). Books. Thomas, E. K., & Carpenter, B. H. (Eds.), Mass Media in 2025 Industries, Organizations, People, and Nations. 5-14. Greenwood Press.
  • Sumpter, R. S. (2000). Empresa Y No Experiencia: Los Articulos Triunfalistas Escritos Por Los Corresponsales De La Guerra Hispano-Americana Para Las Puflicaciones Mensuales De Los Estados Unidos. Aguirre, B. E., & Espina, E. (Eds.), Los Ultimos Dias Del Comienzo: Ensayos Sobre la Guerra Hispano-Cubana-Estadounidense. 47-62. RIL Editores.
Internet Publications1
  • Sumpter, R. S (2018). Think journalism’s a tough field today? Try being a reporter in the Gilded Age. - An article submitted to The Conversation
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