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  • Culbertson, J., Dochtermann, A., Guralnik, D. P., & Stiller, P. F. (2020). Extendable Shellability for $d$-Dimensional Complexes on $d+3$ Vertices. Electron. j. comb.. 27(3),
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  • Culbertson, J., Gustafson, P., Koditschek, D. E., & Stiller, P. F. (2020). FORMAL COMPOSITION OF HYBRID SYSTEMS. THEORY AND APPLICATIONS OF CATEGORIES. 35, 1634-1682.
  • Miranda, R., & Stiller, P. (1995). Torsion sections of elliptic surfaces. Arkiv för Matematik. 33(1), 117-134.
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  • Farahat, A. O., Stiller, P. F., & Trinkle, J. C. (1995). On the geometry of contact formation cells for systems of polygons. IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation. 11(4), 522-536.
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  • Okamoto, E., Aitken, W., Blakley, G. R., & Stiller, P. F. (1994). Simple Permutation Ciphers Using Polynomials over a Finite Field. 239-244.
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