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My research interests include tribology, nanotechnology, microtribology related to miniature systems, magnetic storage, surface characterization, friction/vibration interaction, system dynamics and modeling, and experimental design and instrumentation. Specifically, I study micro/nanotribology of magnetic head disk interfaces and microelectromechanical systems. Recent emphasis has been on the tribology of devices for reduced energy and improved environmental-related impact, such as the use of carbon dioxide as a natural refrigerant and the use of surface treatments towards oil-lees machine operation.

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  • Schmid, S. R., Jao, T., Verhelst, A., Huebner, M., Young, L. A., Pan, C. H., ... Ai, X. (2013). Machine Failure Monitoring (MFM). Encyclopedia of Tribology. (pp. 2159-2159). Springer Us.
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  • Katta, R. R., & Polycarpou, A. A. (2013). Microtribodynamics of Magnetic Storage Hard Disk Drives. Encyclopedia of Tribology. (pp. 2244-2256). Springer Us.
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  • Lee, C., & Polycarpou, A. A. (2012). Dynamic Friction Characterization and Modeling of Tripod Constant Velocity Joints. Automotive Lubricants and Testing. (pp. 437-453). ASTM International.
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  • Yeo, S., Polycarpou, A., Tseregounis, S., Tavassolian, N., & Papapolymerou, J. (2011). Characterization and Adhesion of Interacting Surfaces in Capacitive RF MEMS Switches Undergoing Cycling. Adhesion Aspects in MEMS/NEMS. (pp. 285-307). CRC Press.
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