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J. Carlee Purdum is a Research Assistant Professor for the Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center at Texas A&M University. Her work centers on how hazards and disasters impact incarcerated populations and correctional facilities, with an emphasis on the social vulnerability of incarcerated populations, emergency planning and policies in correctional settings. She is also working on projects with the HRRC examining civilian rescue organizations as well as long term recovery after both natural and technological disasters, including most recently, Hurricane Harvey. Other projects have examined public health on the gulf coast after the BP oil spill of 2010, social media in disasters, disaster risk perception, and hurricane evacuation behavior.

selected publications
Academic Articles3
  • Purdum, J. C., & Meyer, M. A (2020). Prisoner Labor Throughout the Life Cycle of Disasters. Risk, Hazards & Crisis in Public Policy. 11(3), 296-319.
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  • Meyer, M. A., Purdum, J. C., Breen, K., Aggrey, J. K., Forrest, D., Nunez, C., & Peacock, W. G,Meyer, M. A., Purdum, J. C., Breen, K., Aggrey, J. K., Forrest, D., Nunez, C., & Peacock, W. G. (2019). Perspectives from nongovernmental organizations on education and training needs for community disaster recovery.. J Emerg Manag. 17(3), 225-238.
  • Meyer, M. A., Mitchell, B., Purdum, J. C., Breen, K., & Iles, R. L. (2019). Previous hurricane evacuation decisions and future evacuation intentions among residents of southeast Louisiana. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. 31, 1231-1244.
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  • Purdum, J. C. (2019). Hazardous or vulnerable? Prisoners and emergency planning in the U.S.. Rivera, F. I. (Eds.), Emerging Voices in Natural Hazards Research. 179-209. Elsevier.
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Internet Publications3
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  • Purdum, J. C (2020). States are putting prisoners to work manufacturing coronavirus supplies. - An article submitted to The Conversation
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  • Smith, J. C. (2017). Inmates: Our Defenders in Disaster. XL(8), 10-13.
  • Mitchell, B. D., Meyer, M. A., Henderson, M., Morrow, B. H., Gladwin, H., Smith, J. C., Breen, K., & Iles, R. (2017). Behavioral Analysis for Southeast Louisiana Hurricane Events.
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