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As a research specialist for the Texas Water Resources Institute, Michael Schramm leads projects related to watershed planning, water quality assessments and stakeholder engagement. He also provides assistance with a variety of research and extension projects related to water quality and conservation. In addition to water quality research, Michael is interested in incorporating modern data science and open source programming methods into water resource planning.

Prior to joining TWRI in 2016, Michael worked with the Environmental Sciences Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His research projects contributed to greater understanding of current and potential environmental constraints associated with the U.S. hydropower fleet.

selected publications
Academic Articles4
  • Schramm, M. P., Bevelhimer, M., & Scherelis, C (2017). Effects of hydrokinetic turbine sound on the behavior of four species of fish within an experimental mesocosm. Fisheries Research. 190, 1-14.
  • DeRolph, C. R., Schramm, M. P., & Bevelhimer, M. S (2016). Predicting environmental mitigation requirements for hydropower projects through the integration of biophysical and socio-political geographies.. Sci Total Environ. 566-567, 888-918.
  • Pracheil, B. M., DeRolph, C. R., Schramm, M. P., & Bevelhimer, M. S (2016). A fish-eye view of riverine hydropower systems: the current understanding of the biological response to turbine passage. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries. 26(2), 153-167.
  • Cutting, R. H., Cahoon, L. B., Flood, J. F., Horton, L., & Schramm, M (2011). Spill the Beans: GoodGuide, Walmart and EPA Use Information as Efficient, Market-Based Environmental Regulation. Tulane Environmental Law Journal. 24(2), 291-334.
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