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I obtained my Ph.D. with a major in Bioinorganic Chemistry, focusing on metallodrugs against cancer and Alzheimer's disease (AD). After then, I worked at the Institute of Biosciences & Technology (IBT), Texas A&M University (TMAU) as a postdoc and research scientist dissecting and regulating Calcium Signaling by biochemistry, cell biology, and synthetic biology strategies. I accumulated strong research expertise on Ca2+ signaling in the immune system from mechanistic dissection of SOCE channels to tailoring cell functions using optical and chemical tools. I was promoted as a Research Assistant Professor in Oct 2020 to pursue my independent research program with interests in (i) Design and screening of Ca2+ channel modulators (compounds & peptide/protein drugs) to treat channelopathy or improve T cell immunotherapy; (ii) Delineate novel regulatory mechanisms of Ca2+ signaling in health and disease; (iii) Devise optogenetic, chemical and synthetic biology tools for translational research and biomedical applications. I have been engaged in the interface between chemistry and biology for almost 15 years, with specific training and expertise in Ca2+ imaging, protein engineering, protein chemistry, cell biology, and immunotherapy. So far, I have published 20+ publications as a lead author or corresponding author in well-respected journals, including Nature Communications, JACS, Angew Chem, Advanced Science, Chemical Science, eLife, and PLOS Biology with citations > 2000 times.

My current research interests:

1. Design and screening of CRAC Ca2+ channel modulators including small molecules, peptide/protein drugs, and antibody/nanobody to treat Channelopathy or improve T cell-based immunotherapy.

2. Delineate the regulatory network of the CRAC channel in healthy and diseased states

3. Devising optogenetic, chemical, and synthetic biology tools for precise control of cellular physiology

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Academic Articles33
  • Haruehanroengra, P., Zheng, Y. Y., Ma, G., Lan, T., Hassan, A., Zhou, Y., & Sheng, J. (2022). Probing the Substrate Requirements of the InVitro Geranylation Activity of Selenouridine Synthase (SelU).. Chembiochem. 23(15), e202200089.
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  • Zhou, Y., Nwokonko, R. M., Ma, G., Baraniak, J. H., Wang, J., Jennette, M. R., ... Gill, D. L. (2022). A key amino acid in STIM1 mediates coupling to gate the Orai1 channel. BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL. 121(3), 374A-374A.
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  • Adam, J., Adamczyk, L., Adams, J. R., Adkins, J. K., Agakishiev, G., Aggarwal, M. M., ... STAR Collaboration. (2021). Global Polarization of and Hyperons in Au+Au Collisions at sqrt[s_{NN}]=200GeV.. Phys Rev Lett. 126(16), 162301.
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  • Adam, J., Adamczyk, L., Adams, J. R., Adkins, J. K., Agakishiev, G., Aggarwal, M. M., ... Zyzak, M. (2021). Comparison of transverse single-spin asymmetries for forward pi(0) production in polarized pp, pAl and pAu collisions at nucleon pair c.m. energy root s(NN)=200 GeV. PHYSICAL REVIEW D. 103(7), 072005.
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  • Wang, T., He, L., Jing, J. i., Lan, T., Hong, T., Wang, F., ... Zhou, Y. (2021). Caffeine-Operated Synthetic Modules for Chemogenetic Control of Protein Activities by Life Style.. Adv Sci (Weinh). 8(3), 2002148-2002148.
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  • Ma, G., He, L., Jing, J. i., Tan, P., Huang, Y., & Zhou, Y. (2018). Engineered Cross-Linking to Study the Pore Architecture of the CRAC Channel.. CRAC CHANNEL: METHODS AND PROTOCOLS. 147-166. Springer Nature.
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  • Ma, G., Wen, S., Huang, Y., & Zhou, Y. (2017). The STIM-Orai Pathway: Light-Operated Ca2+ Entry Through Engineered CRAC Channels.. STORE-OPERATED CA2+ ENTRY (SOCE) PATHWAYS: EMERGING SIGNALING CONCEPTS IN HUMAN (PATHO)PHYSIOLOGY, 2ND EDITION. 117-138. Springer Nature.
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Conference Papers5
  • Gudlur, A., Zeraik, A. E., Hirve, N., Vangipurapu, R., Bobkov, A., Ma, G., ... Hogan, P. G. (2018). STIM1 Function Is Controlled by Multiple Ca2+ Binding Sites in its Luminal Domain. Biophysical Journal. 114(3), 285a-285a.
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  • Zhang, Q., He, L., Ma, G., & Zhou, Y. (2017). An Potogenentic Toolkit for Reversible Labeling and Remote Manipulation of Cytoskeleton In Situ. BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL. 112(3), 430A-430A.
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  • Ma, G., He, L., Zhang, Q., & Zhou, Y. (2017). Optogenetic Dissection of STIM1 Conformational Switch and Oligomerization. BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL. 112(3), 94A-94A.
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  • He, L., Zhang, Y., Ma, G., Tan, P., Wang, Y., Huang, Y., ... Zhou, Y. (2016). Near-Infrared Photoactivatable Control of Calcium Signaling. Biophysical Journal. 110(3), 360a-360a.
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  • Jing, J. i., He, L., Sun, A., Quintana, A., Ding, Y., Ma, G., ... Zhou, Y. (2016). Proteomic Mapping and Optogenetic Control of ER-PM Junctions in Living Cells. Biophysical Journal. 110(3), 258a-258a.
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