Bayesian Partition Models for Subsurface Characterization | Chapter individual record

This chapter contains sections titled: * Introduction * Model Equations and Problem Setting * Approximation of the Response Surface Using the Bayesian Partition Model and Two-Stage MCMC * Numerical Results * Conclusions * References

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Efendiev, Y., Datta-Gupta, A., Hwang, K., Ma, X., & Mallick, B.
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  • Bayesian Partition Model (bpm)
  • Algorithm Two-stage Mcmc
  • Uncertainties, Of Reservoir Lithofacies, Porosity, And Permeability - And Uncertainty In Reservoir Performance Forecasting
  • Transient Pressure Response, Tracer Or Production History - Preferential Flow Path Or Flow Barriers
  • New Bayesian Approach, Bpm In Surface Fitting - Splitting Space Into Unknown Number Of Disjoint Regions
  • Bayesian Partition Models - For Subsurface Characterization
  • Permeability Field Realizations
  • Reversible Jump Markov Chain Monte Carlo (rj-mcmc) Methods
  • Model Equations And Problem Setting
  • Simulation Based Markov Chain Monte Carlo (mcmc Method) - From Probability Distribution Samples
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