Hydrocarbon contamination on the Antarctic Peninsula I. Arthur harbor—Subtidal sediments | Academic Article individual record

Near-field contamination in Arthur Harbor can be traced to spills, ship and boating activities, and run-off. Soil samples from Palmer Station and Old Palmer Station contain hydrocarbons derived from diesel fuel, lubrication oil, and hydraulic fluid. The majority of contamination in subtidal sediments around Palmer Station is due to diesel fuel spills. Subtidal sediments below an abandoned open incineration site also contain combustion-derived polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). Soils collected at Old Palmer Station were also contaminated with diesel fuel residues and combustion-derived PAH. High concentrations of these contaminants were detected in nearby subtidal sediments. Small amounts of diesel fuel contamination are detectable throughout Arthur Harbor. Despite being abandoned for years, soils in the vicinity of Old Palmer Station and Base N represent the most concentrated source of contaminants in Arthur Harbor. Environmentally sound practices at Palmer Station have helped to minimize localized contamination. © 1992.

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