The impact of stand-biased desks in classrooms on calorie expenditure in children. | Academic Article individual record

Childhood obesity is a public health concern with significant health and economic impacts. We conducted a prospective experimental study in 4 classrooms in central Texas to determine the effect of desks that encourage standing rather than sitting on caloric expenditure in children. Students were monitored with calorie expenditure-measuring arm-bands worn for 10 days in the fall and spring. The treatment group experienced significant increases in calorie expenditure over the control group, a finding that has implications for policy and practice.

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Benden, M. E., Blake, J. J., Wendel, M. L., & Huber, J. C.
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  • ChildEnergy MetabolismHumansInterior Design And FurnishingsMonitoring, AmbulatoryObesityPostureSchools