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Assistant Professor of Special Education

My research examines innovative assessments and interventions to support access and instruction in academics for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). I examine explicit instruction procedures to teach literacy skills to ethnically and linguistically diverse minimally vocal-verbal children with ASD in public school settings. I am particularly interested in instructional design, group instructional arrangements, technology-delivered literacy instruction, and gaze-behaviors of children with ASD when engaged with technology-delivered literacy instruction.

selected publications
Academic Articles16
  • Thompson, J. L., Plavnick, J. B., Skibbe, L. E., Bak, M., & Doher, P. (2021). Beyond Tier Three: Individualized Levels of Support During Headsprout® Early Reading Instruction for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.. J Autism Dev Disord. 1-17.
  • Pierson, L. M., Thompson, J. L., Ganz, J. B., Wattanawongwan, S., Haas, A. N., & Yllades, V. (2021). Coaching Parents of Children With Developmental Disabilities to Implement a Modified Dialogic Reading Intervention Using Low Technology via Telepractice.. Am J Speech Lang Pathol. 30(1), 119-136.
  • Laxmidas, K., Avra, C., Wilcoxen, C., Wallace, M., Spivey, R., Ray, S., ... Hammond, T. (2021). CommBo: Modernizing Augmentative and Alternative Communication. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies. 145, 102519-102519.
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  • Haas, A., Vannest, K., Thompson, J. L., Fuller, M. C., & Wattanawongwan, S. (2020). Peer-Mediated Instruction and Academic Outcomes for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Comparison of Quality Indicators. Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning. 28(5), 625-642.
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  • Perihan, C., Burke, M., Bowman-Perrott, L., Bicer, A., Gallup, J., Thompson, J., & Sallese, M. (2020). Effects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Reducing Anxiety in Children with High Functioning ASD: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.. J Autism Dev Disord. 50(6), 1958-1972.
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  • Wood, L., Thompson, J. L., & Root, J. (2016). Autism Spectrum Disorders. Zager, D., Cihak, D. F., & Stone-MacDonald, A. (Eds.), Autism Spectrum Disorders: Identification, Education, and Treatment: Fourth Edition. 211-241. Routledge.
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  • Travers, J. C., Tincani, M., Thompson, J. L., & Simpson, R. L. (2016). Picture Exchange Communication System and Facilitated Communication: Contrasting an Evidence-Based Practice with a Discredited Method. Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities. Instructional Practices with and without Empirical Validity. 85-110. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.
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