My lab is focused on understanding epimorphic and tissue regeneration in mammals.

selected publications
Academic Articles81
  • Muneoka, K., & Dawson, L. A. (2020). Evolution of epimorphosis in mammals. Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B Molecular and Developmental Evolution. 336(2), 165-179.
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  • Busse, E., Simkin, J., Marrero, L., Stewart, K., Brunauer, R., Muneoka, K., ... Sammarco, M. (2019). Sirtuin 3 deficiency does not impede digit regeneration in mice. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS. 9(1), 16491.
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  • Dawson, L. A., Brunauer, R., Zimmel, K. N., Qureshi, O., Falck, A. R., Kim, P., ... Muneoka, K. (2019). Adult Mouse Digit Amputation and Regeneration: A Simple Model to Investigate Mammalian Blastema Formation and Intramembranous Ossification.. Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE. 2019(149),
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  • Yu, L., Dawson, L. A., Yan, M., Zimmel, K., Lin, Y., Dolan, C. P., Han, M., & Muneoka, K. (2019). BMP9 stimulates joint regeneration at digit amputation wounds in mice. Nature Communications. 10(1), 424.
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  • Dolan, C. P., Yan, M., Zimmel, K., Yang, T., Leininger, E., Dawson, L. A., & Muneoka, K. (2018). Axonal regrowth is impaired during digit tip regeneration in mice. DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY. 445(2), 237-244.
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  • Muneoka, K., Lai, E., Christy, R. J., & Mogford, J. E. (2017). Limb Regrowth and Tissue Engineering Alternatives. Full Stride. 213-236. Springer New York.
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  • Muneoka, K. (2017). Physiological aspects of blastema formation in mice. Regenerative Engineering and Developmental Biology: Principles and Applications. 139-160. CRC Press.
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  • Gardiner, D. M., Bryant, S. V., & Muneoka, K. (2013). Regenerative Engineering. Regenerative Engineering. 387-404. CRC Press.
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Conference Papers8
  • Dolan, C., Dawson, L., Imholt, F., Yang, T. J., Bohkari, R., & Muneoka, K. (2017). Hindlimb Unloading (HU) Inhibits Regeneration of the Mouse Digit Tip.. JOURNAL OF BONE AND MINERAL RESEARCH. 32, S213-S213.
  • Brunauer, R., & Muneoka, K. (2017). Mouse digit regeneration: a new model to study age-related regenerative decline.. JOURNAL OF BONE AND MINERAL RESEARCH. 32, S217-S217.
  • Dawson, L., Yu, L., Yan, M., Dolan, C., & Muneoka, K. (2017). Periosteal chondrogenesis and temporal dynamics of BMP2-induced middle phalanx regeneration in the adult mouse.. JOURNAL OF BONE AND MINERAL RESEARCH. 32, S66-S66.
  • Cammack, A. J., Mandava, P., Van Meter, K., Muneoka, K., & Sammarco, M. (2013). Increased oxygen enhances bone degradation and promotes bone regeneration after digit amputation in mice. FASEB J. 27(S1), 566.2-566.2.
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  • Simkin, J., Sammarco, M., Fassler, D., Cammack, A., & Muneoka, K. (2013). Novel explant culture model for evaluation of oxygen signaling during mammalian digit regeneration. FASEB J. 27(S1), lb34-lb34.
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