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  • Guermond, J., Nazarov, M., Popov, B., & Tomas, I. (2018). Second-Order Invariant Domain Preserving Approximation of the Euler Equations Using Convex Limiting. 40(5), a3211-a3239.
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  • Guermond, J., de Luna, M. Q., Popov, B., Kees, C. E., & Farthing, M. W. (2018). Well-Balanced Second-Order Finite Element Approximation of the Shallow Water Equations with Friction. 40(6), a3873-a3901.
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  • Guermond, J. L., & Popov, B. (2007). Linear advection with ill-posed boundary conditions via L1-minimization. 4(1), 39-47.
  • Ern, A., & Guermond, J. L. (2016). Linear Stabilization for First-Order PDEs. Handbook of Numerical Analysis. Handbook of Numerical Analysis. 265-288. Elsevier.
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Conference Papers6
  • Bonito, A., Guermond, J. L., & Lee, S. (2015). Modified pressure-correction projection methods: Open boundary and variable time stepping. 103, 623-631.
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  • Dobrev, V., Guermond, J. L., & Popov, B. (2009). Surface reconstruction via L1-minimization. 5434 LNCS, 32-43.
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  • Guermond, J. L., & Prudhomme, S. (2005). Toward a definition of LES. 662-664.
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