Goldsmith, Carol individual record
Research Specialist II
selected publications
Academic Articles3
  • Goldsmith, C. L., Kang, K. E., Heitman, E., Adelman, Z. N., Buchman, L. W., Kerns, D., ... Vedlitz, A. (2022). Stakeholder Views on Engagement, Trust, Performance, and Risk Considerations About Use of Gene Drive Technology in Agricultural Pest Management. Health Security. 20(1), 6-15.
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  • Portney, K. E., Hannibal, B., Goldsmith, C., McGee, P., Liu, X., & Vedlitz, A. (2018). Awareness of the FoodEnergyWater Nexus and Public Policy Support in the United States: Public Attitudes Among the American People. Environment and Behavior. 50(4), 375-400.
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  • Stoutenborough, J. W., Fette, R. N., Vedlitz, A., & Goldsmith, C. L. (2014). Understanding the Communication of Climate Change Risk: Climate Scientists' Perspectives of Media Sources and Policy Makers. Risk, Hazards & Crisis in Public Policy. 5(4), 365-384.
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Conference Papers1
  • Willard, D. E., Willis, J. A., & Hillegeist, C. L (1988). Regional‐scale Impacts from Using Agricultural Wastewater for Wildlife Refuges. Proceedings of the National Symposium on Protection of Wetlands from Agricultural Impacts, Biological Report. 88(16), 47-54.
  • Brown, S., Goldsmith, C., Halperin, L., Seavey, I., Winarski, K., & Vedlitz, A (2020). Project Final Report: Role of Coastal Bend Organizational Stakeholders in Regional Recovery and Resilience Efforts.
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