Investigation of drug release from biodegradable PLG microspheres: Experiment and theory | Conference Paper individual record

Piroxicam containing PLG microspheres having different size distributions were fabricated, and in vitro release kinetics were determined for each preparation. Based on the experimental results, a suitable mathematical theory has been developed that incorporates the effect of microsphere size distribution and polymer degradation on drug release. We show from in vitro release experiments that microsphere size has a significant effect on drug release rate. The initial release rate decreased with an increase in microsphere size. In addition, the release profile changed from first order to concave-upward (sigmoidal) as the system size was increased. The mathematical model gave a good fit to the experimental release data. Copyright © 2007 by ASME.

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Berchane, N. S., Carson, K. H., Rice-Ficht, A. C., Andrews, M. J., & ASME, ..
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