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  • Robertson, R., Brown, D., & Dehejia, R. (2021). Working conditions and factory survival: Evidence from better factories Cambodia. Review of Development Economics. 25(1), 228-254.
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  • LeClercq, D., Samaan, D., & Robertson, R. (2020). Labor Provisions in Trade Agreements: Recasting the Protectionist Debate.
  • Robertson, R., Kokas, D., Cardozo, D., & Lopez-Acevedo, G. (2020). Short and Long-Run Labor Market Effects of Developing Country Exports: Evidence from Bangladesh. World Bank Policy Research Working Paper. (9176),
  • Robertson, R., Lopez-Acevedo, G., & Morales, M. (2020). The Relationship between Female Labor Force Participation and Violent Conflicts in South Asia. World Bank Policy Research Working Paper. (9195),
  • Bown, C. P., Lederman, D., Pienknagura, S., & Robertson, R. (2017). Better Neighbors Toward a Renewal of Economic Integration in Latin America. World Bank Publications.
  • Brown, D., Dehejia, R., & Robertson, R. (2014). Factory Decisions to Become Noncompliant with Labour Standards: Evidence from Better Factories Cambodia. Rossi, A., Luinstra, A., & Pickles, J. (Eds.), Towards Better Work. 232-250. Palgrave Macmillan UK.
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  • Brown, D., Dehejia, R., & Robertson, R. (2013). Is There a Business Case for Improving Labor Standards? Some Evidence from Better Factories Cambodia. Bair, J., Miller, D., & Dickson, M. (Eds.), Workers' Rights and Labor Compliance in Global Supply Chains Is a Social Label the Answer?. 69-87. Routledge.
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