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The investigation of the rheology, deformation processes, and deformation conditions (e.g., pressure, temperature, stress, strain-rate) in crustal and upper mantle environments through field, microstructural and geochemical studies.

selected publications
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  • Walker, J. D., Tikoff, B., Newman, J., Clark, R., Ash, J., Good, J., ... Rufledt, C (2019). StraboSpot data system for structural geology. Geosphere. 15(2), 533-547.
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  • Stewart, E., Lamb, W., Newman, J., & Tikoff, B. (2016). The Petrological and Geochemical Evolution of Early Forearc Mantle Lithosphere: an Example from the Red Hills Ultramafic Massif, New Zealand. Journal of Petrology. 57(4), 751-776.
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  • Groshong, R. H., Kronenberg, A., Couzens-Schultz, B. A., & Newman, J (2014). Fluids and structures in fold and thrust belts with recognition of the work of David Wiltschko. Journal of Structural Geology. 69(PB), 281-283.
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  • Holyoke, C. W., Kronenberg, A. K., & Newman, J. (2014). Microstructural evolution during strain localization in dolomite aggregates. Journal of Structural Geology. 69(PB), 449-464.
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  • Tikoff, B., Blenkinsop, T., Kruckenberg, S. C., Morgan, S., Newman, J., & Wojtal, S (2013). A perspective on the emergence of modern structural geology: Celebrating the feedbacks between historical-based and process-based approaches. Special Paper of the Geological Society of America. 500, 65-119.
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  • Stewart, E., Newman, J., Tikoff, B., Donnelly, S., German, L., Chatzaras, V., ... Kruckenberg, S. C (2019). Chapter 6Coupled deformation and melt-migration events recording subduction initiation, Dun Mountain ophiolite, New Zealand. Memoirs. Geological Society Memoir. 93-117. Geological Society of London.
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