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Our research is focused on the experimental study of microscale and low temperature plasmas and devices which use plasmas and energetic electrons. The results and discoveries of this research have far reaching consequences in fields ranging from medicine and health, to integrated circuit manufacturing, to fossil fuel reforming and the energy sector.

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  • Conway, M., Audia, S., Burnette, T., Cosgrove, D., & Christiansen, K. (2000). Alice: lessons learned from building a 3D system for novices. 486-493.
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  • Pierce, J. S., Audia, S., Burnette, T., Christiansen, K., Cosgrove, D., Conway, M., ... Pausch, R. (1997). Alice: Easy to use interactive 3D graphics. 77-78.
Institutional Repository Documents2
  • Hetland, R., Staack, D., & Herbert, B. (2018). An Open Access Policy at Texas A&M University.
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  • Staack, D., & Tang, X. (2018). Data Set for Snapping Shrimp Mechanical Device.
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