Our research is focused on the experimental study of microscale and low temperature plasmas and devices which use plasmas and energetic electrons. The results and discoveries of this research have far reaching consequences in fields ranging from medicine and health, to integrated circuit manufacturing, to fossil fuel reforming and the energy sector.

selected publications
Academic Articles64
  • Lassalle, J., Gao, R., Rodi, R., Kowald, C., Feng, M., Sharma, V. K., ... Pillai, S. D. (2021). Degradation of PFOS and PFOA in soil and groundwater samples by high dose Electron Beam Technology. Radiation Physics and Chemistry. 189, 109705-109705.
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  • Wang, K., Baky, A. H., Bhuiyan, S. I., Kraus, J., Campbell, C., Stanich, R., Jemison, H., & Staack, D. (2021). CO2-free conversion of fossil fuels by multiphase plasma at ambient conditions. Fuel. 304, 121469-121469.
  • Fifield, L. S., Pharr, M., Staack, D., Pillai, S. D., Nichols, L., McCoy, J., ... Murphy, M. K. (2021). Direct comparison of gamma, electron beam and X-ray irradiation doses on characteristics of low-density polyethylene, polypropylene homopolymer, polyolefin elastomer and chlorobutyl rubber medical device polymers. Radiation Physics and Chemistry. 186, 109505-109505.
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  • Campbell, C., Tang, X., Sechrest, Y., Fezzaa, K., Wang, Z., & Staack, D. (2021). Ultrafast x-ray imaging of pulsed plasmas in water. Physical Review Research. 3(2), l022021.
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  • Wang, K., Bhuiyan, S. I., Baky, A. H., Kraus, J., Campbell, C., Tang, X., Jemison, H., & Staack, D. (2021). Role of bubble and impurity dynamics in electrical breakdown of dielectric liquids. Plasma Sources Science and Technology. 30(5), 055013-055013.
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Conference Papers105
  • Lassalle, J., Baky, M., Huang, M., Rathore, K., Burnette, M., & Staack, D. (2020). Development of an Ozone-based Treatment System for Reuse of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). RW2-028.
  • Huang, M., Hasan, M. K., Pharr, M., Staack, D., Pillai, S. D., & Collaboration, N. (2020). Electron Beam Irradiation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). LT3-002.
Institutional Repository Documents4
  • Campbell, C., Tang, X., Sechrest, Y., Fezzaa, K., Wang, Z., & Staack, D. (2020). Ultrafast X-ray imaging of pulsed plasmas in water.
  • Staack, D., & Tang, X. (2018). Data Set for Snapping Shrimp Mechanical Device.
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  • Hetland, R., Staack, D., & Herbert, B. (2018). An Open Access Policy at Texas A&M University.
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Internet Publications1
  • Kushner, M. J., Adamovich, I., Aydil, E., Baalrud, S. D., Graves, D. B., Donnelly, V., ... Girshick, S. (2014). A Low Temperature Plasma Science Program: Discovery Science for Societal Benefit.
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  • Wang, Z., Campbell, C. S., Tang, X., Limbach, C., Sechrest, Y. H., & Staack, D. (2019). Time-resolved Nanosecond Imaging of Single-electrode Pulsed Plasma Branches in Water.
  • Raitses, Y., Staack, D., Dunaevsky, A., Dorf, L., & Fisch, N. J. (2003). Preliminary Results of Plasma Flow Measurements in a 2 KW Segmented Hall Thruster.
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