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Academic Articles64
  • Lassalle, J., Gao, R., Rodi, R., Kowald, C., Feng, M., Sharma, V. K., ... Pillai, S. D. (2021). Degradation of PFOS and PFOA in soil and groundwater samples by high dose Electron Beam Technology. Radiation Physics and Chemistry. 189, 109705-109705.
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  • Wang, K., Baky, A. H., Bhuiyan, S. I., Kraus, J., Campbell, C., Stanich, R., Jemison, H., & Staack, D. (2021). CO2-free conversion of fossil fuels by multiphase plasma at ambient conditions. Fuel. 304, 121469-121469.
  • Fifield, L. S., Pharr, M., Staack, D., Pillai, S. D., Nichols, L., McCoy, J., ... Murphy, M. K. (2021). Direct comparison of gamma, electron beam and X-ray irradiation doses on characteristics of low-density polyethylene, polypropylene homopolymer, polyolefin elastomer and chlorobutyl rubber medical device polymers. Radiation Physics and Chemistry. 186, 109505-109505.
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  • Campbell, C., Tang, X., Sechrest, Y., Fezzaa, K., Wang, Z., & Staack, D. (2021). Ultrafast x-ray imaging of pulsed plasmas in water. Physical Review Research. 3(2), l022021.
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  • Wang, K., Bhuiyan, S. I., Baky, A. H., Kraus, J., Campbell, C., Tang, X., Jemison, H., & Staack, D. (2021). Role of bubble and impurity dynamics in electrical breakdown of dielectric liquids. Plasma Sources Science and Technology. 30(5), 055013-055013.
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Conference Papers105
  • Lassalle, J., Baky, M., Huang, M., Rathore, K., Burnette, M., & Staack, D. (2020). Development of an Ozone-based Treatment System for Reuse of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). RW2-028.
  • Huang, M., Hasan, M. K., Pharr, M., Staack, D., Pillai, S. D., & Collaboration, N. (2020). Electron Beam Irradiation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). LT3-002.
Institutional Repository Documents4
  • Campbell, C., Tang, X., Sechrest, Y., Fezzaa, K., Wang, Z., & Staack, D. (2020). Ultrafast X-ray imaging of pulsed plasmas in water.
  • Staack, D., & Tang, X. (2018). Data Set for Snapping Shrimp Mechanical Device.
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  • Hetland, R., Staack, D., & Herbert, B. (2018). An Open Access Policy at Texas A&M University.
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Internet Publications1
  • Kushner, M. J., Adamovich, I., Aydil, E., Baalrud, S. D., Graves, D. B., Donnelly, V., ... Girshick, S. (2014). A Low Temperature Plasma Science Program: Discovery Science for Societal Benefit.
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  • Wang, Z., Campbell, C. S., Tang, X., Limbach, C., Sechrest, Y. H., & Staack, D. (2019). Time-resolved Nanosecond Imaging of Single-electrode Pulsed Plasma Branches in Water.
  • Raitses, Y., Staack, D., Dunaevsky, A., Dorf, L., & Fisch, N. J. (2003). Preliminary Results of Plasma Flow Measurements in a 2 KW Segmented Hall Thruster.