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  • Walters, L. M., Green, M. R., Goldsby, D., & Parker, D. (2018). Digital Storytelling as a Problem-Solving Strategy in Mathematics Teacher Education: How Making a Math-eo Engages and Excites 21st Century Students. International Journal of Technology in Education and Science. 2(1), 1-16.
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  • Walters, L. M., Green, M. R., Goldsby, D., Walters, T. N., & Wang, L. (2016). Teaching pre-service teachers to make digital stories that explain complex mathematical concepts in a real-world context: The "math-eo" project, creating "cool new tools". International Journal for Technology in Mathematics Education. 23(4), 129-144.
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  • Rosli, R., Goldsby, D., & Capraro, M. M. (2015). Using Manipulatives in Solving and Posing Mathematical Problems. Creative Education. 06(16), 1718-1725.
  • Rosli, R., Goldsby, D., & Capraro, M. M. (2013). Assessing Students Mathematical Problem-Solving and Problem-Posing Skills. Asian Social Science. 9(16), 54-60.
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  • Goldsby, D. S., & Figuero-Charles, M. (2015). Mentoring Viewed through an Open Classroom Experience. Teaching at Work. 235-250. SensePublishers.
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  • Rosli, R., Capraro, M. M., Goldsby, D., y Gonzalez, E. G., Onwuegbuzie, A. J., & Capraro, R. M. (2015). Middle-Grade Preservice Teachers Mathematical Problem Solving and Problem Posing. Mathematical Problem Posing. 333-354. Springer New York.
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  • Davis, T. J., Kulm, G., Oner, A. T., Indiogine, S., Goldsby, D. S., & Ma, T. (2015). Preservice Teachers Problem-Solving Lesson Engagement and Knowledge and Beliefs about Teaching for Equity. Teaching at Work. 51-80. SensePublishers.
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