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I am interested in 20th and 21st century transnational literatures and theory, 20th and 21st century British literature and culture, cultural studies, postcolonial literature, cosmopolitanism.

selected publications
Academic Articles11
  • Johansen, E. (2016). Bureaucracy and narrative possibilities in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go. The Journal of Commonwealth Literature. 51(3), 416-431.
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  • JOHANSEN, E. (2016). The Neoliberal Gothic: Gone Girl, Broken Harbor , and the Terror of Everyday Life. Contemporary Literature. 57(1), 30-55.
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  • Johansen, E., & Karl, A. G. (2015). Introduction: reading and writing the economic present. Textual Practice. 29(2), 201-214.
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  • Johansen, E. (2015). Muscular Multiculturalism: Bodies, Space, and Living Together in Andrea Levy's Small Island. Critique Studies in Contemporary Fiction. 56(4), 383-398.
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  • Johansen, E. (2015). The banal conviviality of neoliberal cosmopolitanism. Textual Practice. 29(2), 295-314.
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