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Dr. Dox's current research focuses on the mental and physical effects of contemplative practice situated in religious traditions. She is serving as Associate Head of Performance Studies, and previously served a term as Head. She has served as Director of the Interdisciplinary Program in Religious Studies and is currently a faculty member in the CLLA Critical Interdiscplinary Studies unit, which now houses the Religious Studies programs. She served as the first Associate Director of the Glasscock Center for Humanities Research and briefly as the Center's Acting Director.

selected publications
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  • Harmon, J. T., & Dox, D. (2016). Spirituality, Fan Culture, and the Music of Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons. Leisure Sciences. 38(3), 268-283.
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  • Dox, D. (2013). Processes of Experience. Paranthropology: Journal of Anthropological Approaches to the Paranormal. 4(3), 48-53.
  • Dox, D. (2010). Ceremonial Embodiment: The Problem of Liturgical Drama. Ecumenica: Journal of Theatre and Performance. 3(2), 31-41.
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  • Dox, D. (2009). The Willing Sustenance of Belief: Religiosity and Mode of Performance. The Journal of Religion and Theatre. 8(1), 20-47.
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  • Dox, D. (2006). Dancing Around Orientalism. TDR/The Drama Review. 50(4), 52-71.
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  • Dox, D. (2016). Reckoning with Spirit in the Paradigm of Performance. University of Michigan Press.
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  • Dox, D. (2011). Spiritual Logic from Ritual Bodies. Gharavi, L. (Eds.), Religion, Theatre, and Performance Acts of Faith. 42-62. Routledge.
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