Sullenger, Paula individual record
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selected publications
Academic Articles15
  • Aaron, A., Fritsch, D. R., & Sullenger, P (2000). Push Technology. The Serials Librarian. 38(3-4), 233-236.
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  • Sullenger, P (1997). A serials transaction log analysis. Serials Review. 23(3), 21-26.
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  • Sullenger, P., Makinen, R. H., & Wallace, P. M (1996). Optimizing Serials Access in the Online Catalog. The Serials Librarian. 28(3-4), 269-273.
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  • Weston, B., Reinke, C., Morgan, E. L., & Sullenger, P (1995). Methods for Collecting, Processing, and Providing Access to Electronic Serials. The Serials Librarian. 25(3-4), 327-331.
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  • Henry, E. C., Caudle, D. M., & Sullenger, P. (1994). Tenure and Turnover in Academic Libraries. College & Research Libraries. (5), 429-435.
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  • Duinkerken, W. V., Kaspar, W. A., & Sullenger, P (2018). Library Storage Facilities From Planning to Construction to Operation. Chandos Publishing.
Conference Papers1
  • Aladebumoye, S., Ellero, N., & Sullenger, P (2014). You Cannot Have Too Much Electronic Resources Staffing. Too Much Is Not Enough!, Charleston Conference. 384-386.
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