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Academic Articles4
  • Areti, M., & Hasnain, Z. (2022). Bilevel ThresholdingBased Iterative Analysis for Building-Surface Damage Detection in a Postearthquake Environment. Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering. 36(5), 04022026.
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  • Benedict, M., Winslow, J., Hasnain, Z., & Chopra, I. (2015). Experimental Investigation of Micro Air Vehicle Scale Helicopter Rotor in Hover. International Journal of Micro Air Vehicles. 7(3), 231-255.
Conference Papers1
  • Kuhns, M., Metzger, P., Hasnain, Z., & Zacny, K (2021). Instant Landing Pads for Lunar Missions. Earth and Space 2021, 17th Biennial International Conference on Engineering, Science, Construction, and Operations in Challenging Environments. 1027-1032.
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