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Caribbean Studies

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Academic Articles12
  • Jackson, S. N (2016). Sexual Sovereignty in the Caribbean and its Diasporas. Theory and even. 19(4),
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  • Jackson, S. N (2014). Risk, Blackness, and Postcolonial Studies: An Introduction. Callaloo. 37(1), 63-68.
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  • Jackson, S. N (2012). Keynote Introduction for Robert Farris Thompson. Callaloo. 35(4), 997-998.
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  • Jackson, S. N. (2010). TheBaptismof Soil: RooplallMonarandtheaestheticsofthekalapani modern. JournalofCaribbean Literatures. (3),
  • Jackson, S. N. (2009). The Economy of Babel or Can I Buy a Vowel?. Callaloo. (2),
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  • Jackson, S. N. (2014). The Re/Presentation of the Indigenous Caribbean in Literature. Cox, J. H., & Justice, D. H. (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Indigenous American Literature. Oxford University Press.
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  • Jackson, S. N. (2005). On the threshold of nationhood: the politicsof language and the contemporary crisis in Guyanese national identification. Allahar, A. (Eds.), Ethnicity, Class, and Nationalism: Caribbean and Extra-Caribbean Dimensions. 85-120. Lexington Books.
  • Jackson, S. N. (2005). Subjection and Resistance in the Transformation of Guyanas Mytho-Colonial Landscape. DeLoughrey, E., Gosson, R., & Handley, G. (Eds.), Caribbean Literature and the Environment: Between Nature and Culture. 85-98. University of Virginia Press.
Conference Papers1
  • Jackson, S. N., & Mitchell, K. (2009). Literature, Culture & Critique: A Callaloo Retreat March 58, 2008, New Orleans, LA. Callaloo. 32(2), 551-551.
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