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Hyunchul Nha has been affiliated with many universities, as a researcher and instructor, during his academic career. He has held occasional special lectures on quantum trajectory theory at various institutions, including KIAS and Inha University, Korea, and at the tutorial session of the Korean Physical Society.

selected publications
Academic Articles112
  • Lee, S., Kim, J., & Nha, H. (2021). Complete Information Balance in Quantum Measurement. Quantum. 5, 414-414.
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  • Im, D., Lee, C., Kim, Y., Nha, H., Kim, M. S., Lee, S., & Kim, Y. (2021). Optimal teleportation via noisy quantum channels without additional qubit resources. npj Quantum Information. 7(1), 86.
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  • Baek, K., Sohbi, A., Lee, J., Kim, J., & Nha, H. (2020). Quantifying coherence of quantum measurements. New Journal of Physics. 22(9), 093019-093019.
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  • Oh, S., Park, J. J., & Nha, H. (2020). Quantum Photovoltaic Cells Driven by Photon Pulses. Entropy. 22(6), 693-693.
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  • Oh, S., Baggag, A., & Nha, H. (2020). Entropy, Free Energy, and Work of Restricted Boltzmann Machines. Entropy. 22(5), 538-538.
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