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My area of concentration is twentieth-century literature in English with a focus on gender theory, aesthetics, and ethical theory.

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Academic Articles9
  • Eide, M (2017). Famine Memory and Contemporary Irish Poetry. Twentieth-Century Literature. 63(1), 21-48.
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  • Eide, M (2014). Steve Biko & the Torture Aesthetic. Ufahamu: A Journal of African Studies. 38(1), 9-34.
  • Eide, M (2013). Bad Timing and Ulysses's Failed Jokes. NOVEL A Forum on Fiction. 46(3), 424-437.
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  • Eide, M (2011). James Joyce's Magdalenes. College Literature. 38(4), 57-75.
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  • Eide, M (2019). Terrible Beauty The Violent Aesthetic and Twentieth-century Literature. University of Virginia Press.
  • Eide, M., & Gibler, M (2018). After Combat True War Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan. U of Nebraska Press.
  • Eide, M (2002). Ethical Joyce. Cambridge University Press.
  • Eide, M (2013). Otherness and Singularity. A Handbook of Modernism Studies. 313-326. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
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  • Eide, M., & Mahaffey, V (2012). The small light in "A Little Cloud". Mahaffey, V. (Eds.), Collaborative Dubliners: Joyce in Dialogue. 164-187. Syracuse University Press.
  • Eide, M (2009). Gender and sexuality. McCourt, J. (Eds.), James Joyce in Context. 76-87. Cambridge University Press.
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  • Eide, M (2004). Joyce, genre and authority of form. Rabate, J. M. (Eds.), Palgrave advances in James Joyce studies. 97-120. Palgrave.
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  • Eide, M (1998). Beyond "Syphilisation": Finnegans Wake, AIDS, and the Discourse of Contagion. Valente, J. (Eds.), Quare Joyce. 225-240. University of Michigan Press.
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