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My research focuses on the development of new methods to apply random vibration theory to better understand vortex induced vibration of marine risers, new structural health monitoring methodologies, and the statistical prediction of extreme values in non-linear dynamic systems subject to these random processes.

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  • Tang, S., & Sweetman, B. (2019). A geometrically-exact momentum-based non-linear theory applicable to beams in non-inertial frames. International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics. 113, 158-170.
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  • Gao, J. u., & Sweetman, B. (2018). Design optimization of hull size for spar-based floating offshore wind turbines. Journal of Ocean Engineering and Marine Energy. 4(3), 217-229.
  • Sweetman, B., & Wang, L. (2014). Momentum Cloud Method for Dynamic Simulation of Rigid Body Systems. JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING MECHANICS. 140(2), 257-267.
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  • Wang, L., & Sweetman, B. (2013). Multibody dynamics of floating wind turbines with large-amplitude motion. APPLIED OCEAN RESEARCH. 43, 1-10.
  • Sweetman, B., & Wang, L. (2012). Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Dynamics: Large-Angle Motions in Euler-Space. JOURNAL OF OFFSHORE MECHANICS AND ARCTIC ENGINEERING-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME. 134(3), 031903.
Conference Papers7
  • Dai, S., & Sweetman, B. (2016). Rational selection of floater designs for offshore wind farms using power transfer functions. Proceedings of the International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference. 2016-January, 340-346.
  • Dai, S., & Sweetman, B. (2015). Statistical condensation of meteorological ocean data for wind turbine design. 20th Offshore Symposium 2015: Future Offshore Technology and Sustained Reliability. 303-317.
  • Sweetman, B., & Wilder, B. (2014). Numerical simulation of floating offshore wind turbines including aero-elasticity and active blade pitch control. Proceedings of the Annual Offshore Technology Conference. 5, 3331-3341.
  • Wang, L., & Sweetman, B. (2011). Conceptual design of floating wind turbines with large-amplitude motion. Transactions - Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. 119, 633-644.
  • Mittendorf, K., & Sweetman, B. (2008). Loading and response of offshore wind turbine support structures: Prediction with comparison to measured data. Proceedings of the 2008 Structures Congress - Structures Congress 2008: Crossing the Borders. 314,
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