Fields, Susan individual record
Clinical Assistant Professor
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Academic Articles5
  • Frankel, K. K., Fields, S. S., & Ward, A. E. (2021). From Tutoring to Mentoring: Centering Adolescents Identities as Readers and Mentors in a High School Literacy Class. Literacy Research Theory Method and Practice. 70(1), 231-251.
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  • Frankel, K. K., & Fields, S. S. (2019). Disrupting Storylines: A Case Study of One Adolescent's Identity, Agency, and Positioning During Literacy Tutoring. LITERACY RESEARCH AND INSTRUCTION. 58(3), 142-163.
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  • Frankel, K. K., Ward, A. E., & Fields, S. S. (2019). Leveraging Adolescents' Agency, Engagement, and Comprehension-Focused Reading. JOURNAL OF ADOLESCENT & ADULT LITERACY. 63(2), 224-228.
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  • Frankel, K. K., Fields, S. S., Kimball-Veeder, J., & Murphy, C. R. (2018). Positioning Adolescents in Literacy Teaching and Learning. JOURNAL OF LITERACY RESEARCH. 50(4), 446-477.
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