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  • J. Nickum, M., Masser, M., Reigh, R., & Nickum, J. G (2018). Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis)Aquaculture in the United States. Reviews in Fisheries Science & Aquaculture. 26(1), 86-98.
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  • Neisch, M. T., Roelke, D. L., Brooks, B. W., Grover, J. P., & Masser, M. P (2012). STIMULATING EFFECT OF ANABAENA SP. (CYANOBACTERIA) EXUDATE ON PRYMNESIUM PARVUM (HAPTOPHYTA)(1).. J Phycol. 48(4), 1045-1049.
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  • Gandy, R. L., Samocha, T. M., Masser, M. P., Fox, J. M., Ali, A., Gatlin, D. M., & Speed, M (2007). The effect of unilateral eyestalk ablation and diet on the reproductive performance of wild‐caught Farfantepenaeus aztecus (Ives, 1891) using a closed recirculating maturation system. Aquaculture Research. 38(6), 580-587.
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  • Masser, M. P (2005). Alligator aquaculture. AQUACULTURE IN THE 21ST CENTURY. 46(46), 217-225.
  • Masser, M. P (2004). 17 Cages and in-pond raceways. Developments in Aquaculture and Fisheries Science. 34(C), 530-544.
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  • Masser, M (2016). Tilapia Co-culture in Cages and In-pond Raceways. Tilapia in Intensive Co-culture. 148-155. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
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  • Masser, M. P (2012). Cage Culture in Freshwater and Protected Marine Areas. Aquaculture Production Systems. 119-134. Wiley.
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  • Masser, M. P (2012). In‐pond Raceways. Aquaculture Production Systems. 387-394. Wiley.
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