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I am leading a group that is conducting research in the following areas of nuclear science:

o Structure of exotic nuclei

o Clustering phenomena in nuclear physics

o Evolution of nuclear structure with increasing imbalance between protons and neutrons

o Nuclear reactions with rare isotope beams

o Origin of chemical elements in the Universe

o Nuclear aspects of quiescent and explosive stellar evolution

o Modern instruments and methods in experimental nuclear physics

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selected publications
Academic Articles46
  • Hunt, C., Rogachev, G. V., Almaraz-Calderon, S., Aprahamian, A., Avila, M., Baby, L. T., ... Wiedenhöver, I. (2020). Observation of T=3/2 isobaric analog states in Be9 using p+Li8 resonance scattering. 102(1), 014615.
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  • Bishop, J., Rogachev, G. V., Ahn, S., Aboud, E., Barbui, M., Baron, P., ... Upadhyayula, S. (2020). Beta-delayed charged-particle spectroscopy using TexAT. 964, 163773-163773.
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  • Koshchiy, E., Rogachev, G. V., Pollacco, E., Ahn, S., Uberseder, E., Hooker, J., ... Upadhyayula, S. (2020). Texas Active Target (TexAT) detector for experiments with rare isotope beams. 957, 163398-163398.
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  • Jayatissa, H., Rogachev, G. V., Goldberg, V. Z., Koshchiy, E., Christian, G., Hooker, J., ... Uberseder, E. (2020). Constraining the 22Ne(,)26Mg and 22Ne(,n)25Mg reaction rates using sub-Coulomb -transfer reactions. Physics Letters B. 802, 135267-135267.
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  • Ota, S., Christian, G., Lotay, G., Catford, W. N., Bennett, E. A., Dede, S., ... Wilkinson, R. (2020). Decay properties of 22Ne+ resonances and their impact on s-process nucleosynthesis. Physics Letters B. 802, 135256-135256.
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Conference Papers35
  • Jayatissa, H., Rogachev, G. V., Goldberg, V. Z., Koshchiy, E., Roeder, B. T., Trippella, O., ... Hunt, C. (2019). Alpha-Capture Reaction Rate for $$^{22}$$ Ne( $$alpha $$ , n) via Sub-Coulomb $$alpha $$ -Transfer and Its Effect on Final Abundances of s-Process Isotopes. Springer Proceedings in Physics. 219, 377-380.
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  • Nauruzbayev, D. K., Nurmukhanbetova, A. K., Goldberg, V. Z., Rogachev, G. V., Golovkov, M. S., & Volya, A. (2018). Resonance reactions at Astana cyclotron. 2038(1), 020030.
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  • La Cognata, M., Spitaleri, C., Trippella, O., Kiss, G. G., Rogachev, G. V., Mukhamedzhanov, A. M., ... Spart, R. (2016). Reaction rate of the13C(,n)16O neutron source using the ANC of the -3 keV resonance measured with the THM. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 665(1), 012013-012013.
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  • Mynbayev, N. A., Nurmukhanbetova, A. K., Goldberg, V. Z., Rogachev, G. V., Golovkov, M. S., Koloberdin, M., ... Tribble, R. E. (2016). The cluster and single-particle states in13C (,)13C reactions. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 724(1), 012035-012035.
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  • Rogachev, G. V., Avila, M. L., Kuchera, A. N., Baby, L. T., Belarge, J., Blackmon, J., ... Wiedenhver, I. (2014). Clustering in non-self-conjugate nuclei10Be and18O. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 569(1), 012004-012004.
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