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I have broad experience in Veterinary Pathology pursuing macroscopic evaluation, histological examination and immunohistochemistry in tissues from different animal species, including small animals, large animals, laboratory animals, and exotic species. My particular area of interest is in Dermatopathology, providing diagnostic service, and working closely with our dermatologists, and with the dermatologists and clinicians from private clinics throughout the country that submit samples to our Dermatopathology Specialty Service. I provide diagnostic service and consultation to the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at TAMU, and support collaborative research studies. My research focuses on investigating how the skin microbiome in animals could play a role/contribute to development of skin lesions. Our research group has shown that the skin in dogs and cats is colonized by diverse and rich microbial communities, and that healthy dogs have a more diverse skin microbiome when compared to allergic dogs.

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  • Johnson, N. M., Rychlik, K. A., Pulczinski, J. C., Langley, R., Seacrest, J., Zhang, R., Rodrigues-Hoffmann, A., & Lau, C. (2018). Prenatal Air Pollution Exposure and Offspring Pulmonary Immunosupression. BIRTH DEFECTS RESEARCH. 110(9), 720-720.
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Rodrigues Hoffmann
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Texas A&M University; Vet Med Pathobiology; 4467 TAMU
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