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  • Sohrabji, F., & Hurn, P. D. (2017). Risk Factors: Gender and Sex. Primer on Cerebrovascular Diseases: Second Edition. (pp. 167-170).
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  • Sohrabji, F., Jane Welsh, C., & Reddy, D. S. (2015). Sex Differences in Neurological Diseases. Sex Differences in the Central Nervous System. (pp. 297-323). Elsevier.
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  • Sohrabji, F. (2015). Cerebrovascular Stroke: Sex Differences and the Impact of Estrogens. Sex Differences and the Impact of Estrogens.. Estrogen Effects on Traumatic Brain Injury: Mechanisms of Neuroprotection and Repair. (pp. 125-141). Elsevier.
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  • Sohrabji, F. (2015). The impact of aging on ischemic stroke. Advances in Geroscience. (pp. 161-196). Springer International Publishing.
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  • Miranda, R. C., & Sohrabji, F. (1996). Gonadal steroid receptors: Possible roles in the etiology and therapy of cognitive and neurological disorders. Annual Reports in Medicinal Chemistry. (pp. 11-20). Elsevier.
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