Our lab aims to employ design-based engineering to address the challenges in energy, environment, and health. The design-based engineering strategies focused on chemical, computational, and systems biology analyses to understand the fundamental mechanisms and to guide the design of enzymes, processes, microorganisms, and plant for various applications. While the principle can be broadly applied, our research primarily focused on increasing biorefinery waste utilization, enhancing photosynthetic terpene production, and improving enzymes based on structure dynamics.

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  • Liu, Z., & Yuan, J. S. (2018). Chapter 12 Systems Biology Analyses of Lignin Conversion. Lignin Valorization. (pp. 314-332). Royal Society of Chemistry.
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  • Holopainen, J. K., Himanen, S. J., Yuan, J. S., Chen, F., & Stewart, C. N. (2013). Ecological Functions of Terpenoids in Changing Climates. Natural Products. (pp. 2913-2940). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
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  • Syrenne, R. D., Shi, W., Stewart, C. N., & Yuan, J. S. (2012). Omics Platforms: Importance of Twenty-First Century Genome-Enabled Technologies in Seed Developmental Research for Improved Seed Quality and Crop Yield. Seed Development: OMICS Technologies toward Improvement of Seed Quality and Crop Yield. (pp. 43-57). Springer Netherlands.
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