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  • Staub, C., & Johnson, L. (2018). Review: Spermatogenesis in the bull. Animal. 12(s1), s27-s35.
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  • Gerrits, R. J., Lunney, J. K., Johnson, L. A., Pursel, V. G., Kraeling, R. R., Rohrer, G. A., & Dobrinsky, J. R. (2005). Perspectives for artificial insemination and genomics to improve global swine populations. Theriogenology. 63(2), 283-299.
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  • Johnson, L. A., Rath, D., Vazquez, J. M., Maxwell, W., & Dobrinsky, J. R. (2005). Preselection of sex of offspring in swine for production: current status of the process and its application. Theriogenology. 63(2), 615-624.
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  • Heninger, N., Staub, C., Blanchard, T., Varner, D., Love, C., Forrest, D., & Johnson, L. (2002). Apoptosis as a mechanism of germ cell loss in mature stallions. Theriogenology. 58(2-4), 373-376.
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  • Staub, C., Heninger, N. L., Donnelly, C. L., Forrest, D. W., Blanchard, T. L., Love, C. C., Varner, D. D., & Johnson, L. (2002). Apoptosis during the initiation of equine spermatogenesis. Theriogenology. 58(2-4), 367-371.
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