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My areas of academic interest and specialization are discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, language and gender, language and sexuality, and language and identity. I am also interested in regional and social dialects, media discourse, language in legal settings, and linguistics and literature.

selected publications
Academic Articles3
  • KENDALL, S (2008). The balancing act: Framing gendered parental identities at dinnertime. Language in Society. 37(4), 539-568.
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  • Kendall, S. (2006). Honey, I'm home!: Framing in family dinnertime homecomings. Text & Talk - An Interdisciplinary Journal of Language, Discourse Communication Studies. (4-5), 411-441.
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  • Kendall, S. (2004). Framing Authority: Gender, Face, and Mitigation at a Radio Network. Discourse & Society. (1), 55-79.
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  • Tannen, D., Kendall, S., & Gordon, C. (2007). Family Talk. Oxford University Press.
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  • Kendall, S (2016). Positioning the female voice within work and family. Speaking Out: The Female Voice in Public Contexts. 179-197.
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  • Kendall, S., & Tannen, D. (2015). Discourse and Gender. Tannen, D., Hamilton, H. E., & Schiffrin, D. (Eds.), The Handbook of Discourse Analysis. 639-660. John Wiley & Sons, Inc..
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  • Irwin, A. (2011). Social Constructionism. Wodak, R., Johnstone, B., & Kerswill, P. (Eds.), The SAGE Handbook of Sociolinguistics. 100-112. SAGE Publications Ltd.
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  • Tannen, D., Kendall, S., & Gordon, C. (2007). Father as Breadwinner, Mother as Worker: Gendered Positions in Feminist and Traditional Discourses of Work and Family. Family Talk. 123-164. Oxford University Press.
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  • Tannen, D., Kendall, S., & Gordon, C. (2007). Introduction: Family Talk. Family Talk. 3-26. Oxford University Press.
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