My research primarily addresses real property issues that impact poor and disadvantaged communities, many of which are rural. More broadly, I research issues of economic inequality, specifically focusing on how the ability or inability of individuals or communities to build and retain assets can impact inequality.

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  • Mitchell, T. W (2013). The Hastie Fellowship Program at Forty: Still Creating Minority Law Professors. Wisconsin law review. 2013(3), 737-745.
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  • Mitchell, T. W (2013). Growing Inequality and Racial Economic Gaps. Howard law journal. 56(3), 849-890.
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  • National, C., Mitchell, T. W., McCurley, R. L., Breetz, W. R., Buxton, G. H., Dyke, E., ... Sebert, J. A (2010). Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act. Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act.
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  • Mitchell, T. W., Malpezzi, S., & Green, R. K (2010). Forced Sale Risk: Class, Race, and the "Double Discount". Florida State University Law Review. 37(3), 589-658.
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  • Mitchell, T. W (2005). Destabilizing the Normalization of Rural Black Land Loss: A Critical Role for Legal Empiricism. Wisconsin law review. 2005(2), 557-615.
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  • Mitchell, T. W. (2016). New Legal Realism and Inequality. Mertz, E., Macaulay, S., & Mitchell, T. W. (Eds.), The New Legal Realism: Translating Law-and-Society for Today's Legal Practice. 203-222. Cambridge University Press.
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