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  • Mukamel, D. B., Haeder, S. F., & Weimer, D. L. (2014). Top-down and bottom-up approaches to health care quality: the impacts of regulation and report cards.. Annu Rev Public Health. 35(1), 477-497.
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  • Haeder, S. F. (2013). Making the Affordable Care Act Work: High-Risk Pools and Health Insurance Marketplaces. FORUM-A JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH IN CONTEMPORARY POLITICS. 11(3), 499-511.
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  • Haeder, S. F., & Weimer, D. L. (2013). You Can't Make Me Do It: State Implementation of Insurance Exchanges under the Affordable Care Act. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION REVIEW. 73(s1), S34-S47.
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  • Haeder, S. F. (2012). Beyond Path Dependence: Explaining Healthcare Reform and Its Consequences. POLICY STUDIES JOURNAL. 40, 65-86.
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  • Haeder, S. F. (2020). Born in the USA. The State of Families. 172-174. Taylor & Francis.
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