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  • Haeder, S. F., & Yackee, S. W. (2020). Out of the public's eye? Lobbying the President's Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. INTEREST GROUPS & ADVOCACY. 9(3), 410-424.
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  • Haeder, S. F. (2020). Political Science and US Health Policy in the Era of the Affordable Care Act. POLICY STUDIES JOURNAL. 48(S1), S14-S32.
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  • Haeder, S. F. (2020). Quality Advantage? Provider Quality and Networks in Medicare Advantage. JOURNAL OF PUBLIC AND NONPROFIT AFFAIRS. 6(2), 138-158.
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  • Anderson, S., Haeder, S., Caseman, K., Mathur, A., & Ulmen, K. (2020). When Adolescents are in School During COVID-19, Coordination Between School-Based Health Centers and Education is Key.. J Adolesc Health. 67(6), 745-746.
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  • Haeder, S. F., Weimer, D., & Mukamel, D. B. (2019). A Consumer-Centric Approach To Network Adequacy: Access To Four Specialties In California's Marketplace.. Health Aff (Millwood). 38(11), 1918-1926.
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  • Haeder, S. F. (2020). Born in the USA. The State of Families. 172-174. Taylor & Francis.
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