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  • Haeder, S. F. (2021). Medical Necessity: Health Care Access and the Politics of Decision Making. POLITICAL SCIENCE QUARTERLY. 136(2), 381-382.
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  • Haeder, S. F., Sylvester, S. M., & Callaghan, T. (2021). Lingering Legacies: Public Attitudes about Medicaid Beneficiaries and Work Requirements.. J Health Polit Policy Law. 46(2), 305-355.
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  • Haeder, S. F., Weimer, D. L., & Mukamel, D. B. (2021). Mixed signals: The inadequacy of provider-per-enrollee ratios for assessing network adequacy in California (and elsewhere). WORLD MEDICAL & HEALTH POLICY.
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  • Haeder, S. F., & Yackee, S. W. (2020). A Look Under the Hood: Regulatory Policy Making and the Affordable Care Act.. J Health Polit Policy Law. 45(5), 771-786.
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  • Haeder, S. F. (2020). Born in the USA. The State of Families. 172-174. Taylor & Francis.
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