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  • Haeder, S. F., & Yackee, S. W. (2022). Handmaidens of the legislature? Understanding regulatory timing. JOURNAL OF PUBLIC POLICY. 42(2), 298-322.
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  • Burman, A., & Haeder, S. F. (2022). Potemkin Protections: Assessing Provider Directory Accuracy and Timely Access for Four Specialties in California.. J Health Polit Policy Law. 47(3), 319-349.
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  • Burman, A., & Haeder, S. F. (2022). Provider directory accuracy and timely access to mammograms in California.. Women Health. 62(5), 421-429.
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  • Haeder, S. F., Maxfield, E., Ulmen, K., & Anderson, S. (2022). When a school is more than just a school: Improving school-based health in the wake of COVID-19.. World Med Health Policy. 14(1), 150-177.
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  • Haeder, S. F., Sylvester, S., & Callaghan, T. (2021). Shared Stigma: The Effect of LGBT Status on Attitudes About the Opioid Epidemic. WORLD MEDICAL & HEALTH POLICY. 13(3), 414-435.
  • Haeder, S. F. (2020). Born in the USA. The State of Families. 172-174. Taylor & Francis.
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