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  • Huang, R., & Tabaar, M. A (2021). We Are All Coethnics: State Identities and Foreign Interventions in Violent Conflict. Journal of Global Security Studies. 6(3), ogaa047.
  • Tabaar, M. A (2021). Iran's War Within Ebrahim Raisi and the Triumph of the Hard-Liners. FOREIGN AFFAIRS. 100(5), 155-168.
  • Tabaar, M. A., & Yildirim, A. K (2020). Religious Parties and Ideological Change: A Comparison of Iran and Turkey. Political Science Quarterly. 135(4), 697-723.
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  • Tabaar, M. A (2019). Factional politics in the Iran–Iraq war. Journal of Strategic Studies. 42(3-4), 480-506.
  • Tabaar, M. A (2017). Causes of the US Hostage Crisis in Iran: The Untold Account of the Communist Threat. Security Studies. 26(4), 665-697.
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  • Tabaar, M. A (2018). Religious Statecraft. Columbia University Press.
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  • Tabaar, M. A (2018). Religious Statecraft The Politics of Islam in Iran. Columbia University Press.
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