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Assistant Professor

My research focuses on quantum optics, quantum interfaces, nanoscale sensors, solid-state atom-like systems, integrated photonic and plasmonic structures, ultracold atoms, laser spectroscopy, quantum information proceessing and simulations.

selected publications
Academic Articles65
  • Yaroshenko, V., Soshenko, V., Vorobyov, V., Bolshedvorskii, S., Nenasheva, E., Kotel'nikov, I., Akimov, A., & Kapitanova, P. (2020). Circularly polarized microwave antenna for nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond.. Rev Sci Instrum. 91(3), 035003-035003.
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  • Zeleneev, A. I., Bolshedvorskii, S. V., Soshenko, V. V., Rubinas, O. R., Garanina, A. S., Lyapin, S. G., ... Akimov, A. V. (2020). Nanodiamonds with SiV colour centres for quantum technologies. QUANTUM ELECTRONICS. 50(3), 299-304.
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  • Trofimov, S. D., Tarelkin, S. A., Bolshedvorskii, S. V., Bormashov, V. S., Troshchiev, S. Y., Golovanov, A. V., ... Blank, V. D. (2020). Spatially controlled fabrication of single NV centers in IIa HPHT diamond. OPTICAL MATERIALS EXPRESS. 10(1), 198-207.
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  • Fedorov, A. K., Akimov, A. V., Biamonte, J. D., Kavokin, A. V., Khalili, F. Y., Kiktenko, E. O., ... Zheltikov, A. M. (2019). Quantum technologies in Russia. Quantum Science and Technology. 4(4), 040501-040501.
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  • Khlebnikov, V. A., Pershin, D. A., Tsyganok, V. V., Davletov, E. T., Cojocaru, I. S., Fedorova, E. S., Buchachenko, A. A., & Akimov, A. V. (2019). Random to Chaotic Statistic Transformation in Low-Field Fano-Feshbach Resonances of Cold Thulium Atoms. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS. 123(21), 213402.
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  • Shalaginov, M. Y., Bogdanov, S., Vorobyov, V. V., Lagutchev, A. S., Kildishev, A. V., Akimov, A. V., Boltasseva, A., & Shalaev, V. M. (2015). Enhancement of Single-Photon Sources with Metamaterials. From Atomic to Mesoscale. (pp. 123-148). World Scientific.
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Conference Papers26
  • Komrakova, S., Javadzade, J., Vorobyov, V., Bolshedvorskii, S., Soshenko, V., Akimov, A., ... Goltsman, G. (2018). On-chip controlled placement of nanodiamonds with a nitrogen-vacancy color centers (NV). 7TH EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON APPLIED SUPERCONDUCTIVITY (EUCAS'05). 1124(5), 051046-051046.
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  • Kapitanova, P., Soshenko, V. V., Vorobyov, V. V., Yaroshenko, V., Bolshedvorsky, S. V., Sorokin, V., & Akimov, A. (2018). Efficient, uniform, and large-volume microwave magnetic coupling to NV centers in diamond using dielectric resonator antennas. MATHEMATICAL MODELING AND ESTIMATION TECHNIQUES IN COMPUTER VISION. 10733, 1073306.
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  • Tsyganok, V. V., Khlebnikov, V. A., Pershin, D. A., & Akimov, A. V. (2018). Spin-polarized cold cloud of thulium atoms. 00, 137-137.
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  • Bolshedvorskii, S. V., Vorobyov, V. V., Soshenko, V. V., Zeleneev, A., Sorokin, V. N., Smolyaninov, A. N., & Akimov, A. V. (2018). On investigation of optical and spin properties of NV centers in aggregates of detonation nanodiamonds. WORKSHOP ON DARK MATTER, UNIFICATION AND NEUTRINO PHYSICS (CETUP 2012). 1936, 020001.
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  • Kapitanova, P., Soshenko, V., Vorobyov, V., Dobrykh, D., Bolshedvorskiih, S., Sorokin, V., & Akimov, A. (2017). Dielectric resonator antenna for coupling to NV centers in diamond. WORKSHOP ON DARK MATTER, UNIFICATION AND NEUTRINO PHYSICS (CETUP 2012). 1883, 030017.
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