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Dr. Haque's research and publications are focused on six major areas in construction science and engineering - (1) Engineering/Construction Materials (Steel, Concrete, Composite, etc.), (2) Structures Evaluation, Maintenance, and Management, (3) Structural Analysis and Design, and Computing Software Development, (4) Construction Engineering and Management, (5) Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms applications, and (6) Innovative Use of Information Technology in Construction Science/Engineering Education.

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Academic Articles11
  • Sudhakar, K. V., & Haque, M. E. (2015). Passivity Effects of Biomedical Titanium Alloy with Chemical Etching. Journal of Mechatronics. 3(2), 114-116.
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  • Choi, K., Haque, M., Lee, H. W., Cho, Y. K., & Kwak, Y. H. (2012). Macroeconomic labour productivity and its impact on firm's profitability. Journal of the Operational Research Society. 64(8), 1258-1268.
  • Haque, M. E., & Balasubramanian, S. (2007). A computer simulation model for emergency building evacuation with arena. ENGINEERING INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS FOR ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND COMMUNICATIONS. 15(3), 183-189.
  • Haque, M. E., & Sudhakar, K. V. (2002). ANN back-propagation prediction model for fracture toughness in microalloy steel. International Journal of Fatigue. 24(9), 1003-1010.
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Conference Papers26
  • Sudhakar, K. V., & Haque, M. E. (2013). Artificial Neural Network Model: Prediction of Mechanical Properties in Beta-Titanium Biomaterial. Applied Mechanics and Materials. 367, 40-44.
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  • Haque, M. E., & Rahman, M. (2009). Time-Space-Activity Conflict Detection Using 4D Visualization in Multi-storied Construction Project. ALGORITHMS AND DATA STRUCTURES, PROCEEDINGS. 5857, 266-278.
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