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In general, my research interests focus on distributed and parallel computing; distributed systems and algorithms. In particular, dynamic distributed systems, mobile, wireless networks and sensor networks, and their security and fault tolerance; distributed shared data structures and their consistency models; algorithmic models for chip-multithreaded architecture.

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  • Wang, J., Talmage, E., Lee, H., & Welch, J. L. (2018). Improved time bounds for linearizable implementations of abstract data types. INFORMATION AND COMPUTATION.
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  • Klappenecker, A., Lee, H., & Welch, J. L. (2014). Finding available parking spaces made easy. AD HOC NETWORKS. 12(1), 243-249.
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  • Klappenecker, A., Lee, H., & Welch, J. L. (2013). Dynamic regular registers in systems with churn. Theoretical Computer Science. 512, 84-97.
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  • Shao, C., Welch, J. L., Pierce, E., & Lee, H. (2011). Multiwriter Consistency Conditions for Shared Memory Registers. SIAM JOURNAL ON COMPUTING. 40(1), 28-62.
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  • KLAPPENECKER, A., LEE, H., & WELCH, J. L. (2010). SCHEDULING SENSORS BY TILING LATTICES. Parallel Processing Letters. 20(01), 3-13.
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