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My research work is interdisciplinary, usually motivated by aesthetic concerns. I have published extensively in the areas of shape modeling, image synthesis, artistic depiction, image based lighting, texture and tiles, computer aided caricature, electrical engineering and computer aided architecture.

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  • Pavlidis, I., Khatri, A., Buddharaju, P., Manser, M., Wunderlich, R., Akleman, E., & Tsiamyrtzis, P. (2021). Biofeedback Arrests Sympathetic and Behavioral Effects in Distracted Driving. IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing. 12(2), 453-465.
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  • Akleman, E., Krishnamurthy, V. R., Fu, C., Subramanian, S. G., Ebert, M., Eng, M., Starrett, C., & Panchal, H. (2020). Generalized abeille tiles: Topologically interlocked space-filling shapes generated based on fabric symmetries. COMPUTERS & GRAPHICS-UK. 89, 156-166.
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  • Akleman, E. (2020). Computing Through Time. Computer. (6), 11-11.
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  • Akleman, E. (2020). Computing Through Time: Artificial Life. Computer. 53(4), 10-10.
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  • Akleman, E. (2020). Computing Through Time: Flying. Computer. 53(2), 13-13.
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  • Yamauchi, T. A Theoretical Framework to Represent Narrative Structures for Visual Storytelling. Proceedings of Bridges 2015: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture.
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Conference Papers91
  • Lee, J., & Akleman, E. (2022). A New Image Based Lighting Method: Practical Shadow-Based Light Reconstruction. PROCEEDINGS OF THE 17TH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON COMPUTER AND INFORMATION SCIENCES. 142-146.
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  • Akleman, E., & Srinivasan, V. (2022). Honeycomb Subdivision. PROCEEDINGS OF THE 17TH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON COMPUTER AND INFORMATION SCIENCES. 137-141.
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  • Palmer, J. D., Akleman, E., & Chen, J. (2022). Interactive Deformation with Triangles. PROCEEDINGS OF THE 17TH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON COMPUTER AND INFORMATION SCIENCES. 147-151.
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  • Subramanian, S. G., Eng, M., Krishnamurthy, V., & Akleman, E. (2019). Delaunay Lofts: A New Class of Space-Filling Shapes. SIGGRAPH '19 - ACM SIGGRAPH 2019 POSTERS, ACM SIGGRAPH 2019 Posters. 1-2.
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  • Wang, A., Eason, A. D., & Akleman, E. (2019). A formal process to design visual archetypes based on character taxonomies. ACM SIGGRAPH 2019 Posters, SIGGRAPH '19: Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques Conference. 1-2.
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  • Akleman, E., & Castro, F. (2019). PEPPER WRECK: Story of Seventeen Century Portgues Nau.
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  • Earhart, A., Ives, M., Burkart, P., Ezell, M., Harner, J., Ramasubramanian, S., ... Vedlitz, A. (2009). Texas Center for Digital Humanities and New Media.
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