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  • Patterson, A. E., Chadha, C., & Jasiuk, I. M (2022). Manufacturing process-driven structured materials (MPDSMs): design and fabrication for extrusion-based additive manufacturing. Rapid Prototyping Journal. 28(4), 716-731.
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  • Messimer, S., Pereira, T., Patterson, A., Lubna, M., & Drozda, F (2019). Full-Density Fused Deposition Modeling Dimensional Error as a Function of Raster Angle and Build Orientation: Large Dataset for Eleven Materials. Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing. 3(1), 6-6.
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  • Messimer, S. L., Patterson, A. E., Muna, N., Deshpande, A. P., & Rocha Pereira, T (2018). Characterization and Processing Behavior of Heated Aluminum-Polycarbonate Composite Build Plates for the FDM Additive Manufacturing Process. Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing. 2(1), 12-12.
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  • Patterson, A. E., Messimer, S. L., & Farrington, P. A (2017). Overhanging Features and the SLM/DMLS Residual Stresses Problem: Review and Future Research Need. Technologies. 5(2), 15-15.
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