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  • Thomas, S., & Tucker-Drob, R. (2018). Invariant random subgroups of inductive limits of finite alternating groups. Journal of Algebra. 503, 474-533.
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  • Bowen, L., & Tucker-Drob, R. (2018). The space of stable weak equivalence classes of measure-preserving actions. Journal of Functional Analysis. 274(11), 3170-3196.
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  • Conley, C. T., Jackson, S. C., Kerr, D., Marks, A. S., Seward, B., & Tucker-Drob, R. D. (2018). Følner tilings for actions of amenable groups. Mathematische Annalen. 371(1-2), 663-683.
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  • Gaboriau, D., & Tucker-Drob, R. (2016). Approximations of standard equivalence relations and Bernoulli percolation at pu. Comptes rendus. Mathematique. 354(11), 1114-1118.
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  • Ioana, A., & Tucker-Drob, R. (2016). Weak containment rigidity for distal actions. ADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS. 302, 309-322.
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  • Kechris, A. S., & Tucker-Drob, R. D. (2009). The complexity of classi?cation problems in ergodic theory. Cummings, J., & Schimmerling, E. (Eds.), Appalachian Set Theory 2006–2012. (pp. 265-300). Cambridge University Press.
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