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Academic Articles59
  • Verghese, A. J., Koufteros, X., Polyviou, M., & Jia, X. (2022). In pursuit of supplier resilience: The explanatory role of customer leadership style. TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART E-LOGISTICS AND TRANSPORTATION REVIEW. 159, 102626-102626.
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  • Liu, Y. i., Jia, X., Jia, X., & Koufteros, X. (2021). CSR orientation incongruence and supply chain relationship performance-A network perspective. JOURNAL OF OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT. 67(2), 237-260.
  • Yim, J., Sullivan, D. W., Schleicher, D. J., Baumann, H. M., Lucianetti, L., & Koufteros, X. (2020). Performance Management and Innovation: A Human Capital Perspective. Academy of Management Proceedings. 2020(1), 12318-12318.
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  • Babbar, S., Koufteros, X., Bendoly, E., Behara, R., Metters, R., & Boyer, K. (2020). Looking at ourselves: Lessons about the operations management field learned from our top journals. JOURNAL OF OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT. 66(3), 349-364.
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Conference Papers10
  • Lima, L., Maada, A., & Koufteros, X. (2007). A model for information quality in the banking industry - The case of the public banks in Brazil (Academic Paper - Completed). Proceedings of the 2007 International Conference on Information Quality, ICIQ 2007.
  • Koufteros, X., & Vonderembse, M. (2003). Creating competitive advantage with time-based manufacturing. Proceedings - Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute. 1617-1622.
  • Dinev, T., & Koufteros, X. (2003). Internet self-efficacy and Internet usage - Testing a measurement and a structural model. Proceedings - Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute. 865-870.
  • Torkzadeh, G., Koufteros, X., & Doll, W. J. (2002). Factorial Invariance of the Impact of Information Technology Instrument. Proceedings - Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute. 1204-1209.
  • Koufteros, X., Vonderembse, M., & Jayanth, J. (2002). Internal and External Integration for Product Development: The Effects of Uncertainty, Equivocality, and Platform Strategy. Proceedings - Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute. 1897-1902.
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